How to Combine Images in ACDSee

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The photo managing software ACDSee and ACDSee Pro allow you to combine multiple images into a single contact sheet containing multiple thumbnails or a few larger images. The size of the included images depends on how many can evenly fit on the page. To make creating this contact sheet easier ACDSee includes an "Image Basket," which houses shortcuts to selected images. This feature allows you to select images spanning multiple folders.


Step 1

Open ACDSee or ACDSee Pro and navigate to the folder containing your images.

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Step 2

Click "View" in the top menu and select "Image Basket" to open the Image Basket pane in the bottom of the window.


Step 3

Click and drag images into the Image Basket pane. You may click and drag images from multiple folders until you have the number of images you want.

Step 4

Click anywhere in the Image Basket window, hold the "Ctrl" key and press "A" to select all the images in the Image Basket.


Step 5

Click "Tools" from the top menu, then click "Create" and "Contact Sheet" to open the Create Contact Sheet window.


Step 6

Click and drag the left-hand "Size" sliders to create the number of columns or rows you want, according to your arrangement preferences. You may also opt to add a frame, drop shadow, faded or beveled edges, colored matte or background color in the list of options.


Step 7

Click "OK" to create the contact sheet in your current folder. You may also specify another location in the "Output File Path" field.



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