How to Create a PDF Contact Sheet Tutorial

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Use a contact sheet to organize all of your images from a single photoshoot.

A contact sheet is a single print containing multiple images, traditionally created from a roll of film. Photographers use contact sheets to preview photos before choosing which ones to print. If you want to create a contact sheet for yourself or a client, you can do so using the tools included in the Windows operating system. You can print your contact sheet as a PDF for easy sharing via email or the Internet.


Step 1

Organize the photos that you want to include in your contact sheet into a single folder. After you have done this, open the folder containing the images.

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Step 2

Press "CTRL" and "A" to highlight all of the images. Click "Print" in the toolbar located at the top of the folder.


Step 3

Drag the scroll bar on the right all the way down. Click "Contact Sheet" to select the contact sheet layout.

Step 4

Click on the drop-down menu labeled "Printer" and select your PDF printer. If you don't have a PDF printer driver installed, there are many free options available online.



Step 5

Select your paper size and image quality from the drop-down menus. Paper size determines how many photos you can fit onto your contact sheet. Standard letter-sized paper will hold 35 images, legal-sized paper will hold 45 images and tabloid-sized paper will hold 60 images.

Step 6

Click "Print" to generate your PDF file. Give it a name and save it in your desired location.

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