How to Print a Photo Using My Computer

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If a picture is worth a thousand words, digital cameras have created an entirely new language. With digital cameras you can do more with your photos than ever before, and it's easy. Once you transfer them to your computer you can save them onto your hard drive, upload them to the Internet, or print them. Why go through the hassle of printing photos at a convenience store when you can do it at home?


Step 1

Locate the photo you want to print. The most common place for photos to be saved on your computer is in the "My Pictures" folder. To access this folder go to the "Start Menu" and click on the "My Documents" folder. On the left hand side of the windows browser will be the "My Pictures" folder. If you have a Mac, open iPhoto and click "Photos." Select the photo that you want to print and click the printer icon on the bottom of the screen.


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Step 2

Make sure that your printer is connected, turned on, has enough ink, and is loaded with glossy photo paper. Although a photo can be printed on regular stock paper, the quality of the image will be much better if photo paper is used.

Step 3

Right click on the image file and select "Print." Review the information and click the "Print" button to begin printing.


Step 4

Go to Flickr or Photobucket if you'd like to print something you like from a photo website. Right click on the image and select "Save Image As" to bring up the print menu.


Step 5

Go to the folder in which you have saved the file and right click on the image. Select "Print" to bring up the printing options, then click the "Print" button once more to begin.




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