How to Save as a PDF in Internet Explorer

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Saving a website as a PDF lets you read the contents of the site at your leisure, without being connected to the Internet. You can also create a PDF of a website to save a snapshot of the contents for your records, such as a receipt from an online merchant. Internet Explorer doesn't include an option to create a PDF of a website, but there are many free programs that let you do so.


Step 1

Download and install a free PDF printer driver (see Resources). If you already have PDF software installed, you might not need to do this.

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Step 2

Open Internet Explorer and navigate to the website you want to save as a PDF.


Step 3

Press "CTRL" and "P" to open the Print dialog box. Select your PDF printer from the list of printers and click "Print." Give the PDF a name and click "Save" to save the Web page as a PDF file.





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