How to Configure Sound in Vizio TVs

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One of the nice features of Vizio TVs is the extensive sound options available in their Audio Settings menus. These options make it possible for Vizio TV owners to completely customize the way they hear audio from their televisions, whether it be in TruSurround HD, which is Vizio's High Definition audio mode, or standard audio. To configure the sound for your Vizio TV, you need to start by accessing the TV's main menu.


Step 1

Turn on your Vizio TV, press the "Menu" button on the remote control and select the "Audio Settings" sub-menu.

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Step 2

Configure the sound for your Vizio TV. Select "Audio Mode" in which you may choose from five options: "Flat," "Rock," "Pop," "Classical" or "Jazz." Play some audio from your TV with each setting enabled to determine which one you prefer.


Step 3

Select "Balance," in which you can adjust the sound so that either the left or right speaker emits more sound than the other.

Step 4

Select "Lip Sync," in which you can adjust the audio in relation to the onscreen video. This only needs to be done if you can tell that the audio/video sync is off. If so, adjust it up or down until you are satisfied with the sync.


Step 5

Select "TV Speakers" only if you want to disable the internal speakers. This is only necessary when you have an external speaker system connected to your Vizio TV.

Step 6

Select "Advanced Audio" and choose your advanced options. You can enable or disable "SRS TruSurround HD" (Vizio's pseudo-surround sound technology), and enable or disable "SRS TruVolume" (Vizio's volume-leveling technology).



Step 7

Enable or disable "Digital Audio Out." Select "Dolby Digital" or "PCM" output only if you use a digitally connected external sound system.

Step 8

Enable or disable the "Analog Audio Out" options, if you are using an RCA-connected external sound system.


Step 9

Enable or disable the "Audio Control" settings. Choose "TV" to set your Vizio remote to control the internal speakers, or choose "External" and follow the prompts to set your Vizio remote to control external speakers.

Step 10

Press the "Back" button on the remote to return to the "Audio Settings" menu and select "Equalizer Settings", which is only available if "SRS TruSurround HD" is not enabled. Follow the onscreen prompts to select your equalizer settings and press the "Exit" button on the remote to exit the menu. Your newly configured sound settings will now be saved and applied immediately.

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