How to Connect a Computer to a TV With VGA Input

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VGA ports have 15 pins and are typically blue.

VGA stands for "video graphics array" and is a video output connection that is the display standard for PC computers. On the computer, the VGA port is a 15-pin port that is typically blue in color. If you own a TV that has a VGA input, you can directly connect your computer to your TV using a VGA cable. However, VGA only supports video data and not audio data. You'll need an additional audio cable if you want to transfer sound from your computer to your TV.


Step 1

Make sure that your TV and computer are turned off before connecting any cables to either device.

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Step 2

VGA cables have two tightening pieces.

Plug one end of the VGA cable into the VGA output port of your computer. You'll see two tightening pieces on either side of the connection piece of the VGA cable. Tighten the VGA cable so that it cannot fall out of the computer's output port by rotating the tightening pieces clockwise.


Step 3

Connect the opposite end of the VGA cable into the video input port of your television. This port is typically found on the back of the TV. Tighten the VGA cable after inserting it into the port.

Step 4

Connect the 3.5 mm to RCA cable from your computer's headphone jack into the TV's audio input jacks. On your TV, look for red and white input jacks next to the VGA input.


Step 5

Turn on your TV and computer. Change the video source on your TV to the VGA port. Press the "Input" or "Source" button on your TV's remote to change the input source. Keep pressing this button until you reach the source labeled "VGA," "Computer" or "Laptop."


Step 6

Change your display settings on your computer to ensure that the picture from your computer displays on your TV. Click "Start," "Control Panel," "Appearance and Personalization," "Personalization" and "Display Settings." From the "New Display Detected" menu, select "Mirrored." This duplicates content from you computer to your TV. Click "OK" to save your settings. Your computer is now connected to your TV.

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