How to Connect a Samsung TV to a PC

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The VGA port is commonly used for hookup to monitors and televisions.

The Internet offers many opportunities to watch movies, television shows, videos and more that would all look better on a television. Samsung televisions now come with a way to hook up your PC to your television, allowing you to see your whole computer screen on the big screen. This is accomplished with either DVI or VGA ports and cables. If these ports are not present there are often adapters available to make the connections.


Step 1

Locate the VGA or DVI ports on your computer and Samsung television. On a laptop computer the VGA port will be on one side and can be recognized by its three rows of five holes. The port is in the shape of an upside-down trapezoid. The DVI port is identified by three rows of eight holes on the left and one horizontal line on the right. On the back of the television the port will look the same and have one hole on either side to screw in the VGA or DVI cord.

Step 2

Purchase a VGA or DVI cable that is long enough to connect from your computer to the back of your Samsung television comfortably. The shortest cable is about five feet long. Get a 10- to 20-foot-long cable if you want to sit on the couch and use the connection. Local electronics stores and online auction sites sell these cables quite inexpensively.


Step 3

Connect the cable to your PC. The cable will have screws on both sides of each end of the cable. Completely unscrew the screws on the end you plan to attach to the computer if your laptop does not have a place for the screws. If using a desktop computer, screw the connection into place.

Step 4

Attach the cable to the Samsung television. Screw the ports into place.

Step 5

Connect the audio cable for sound. This will be in the shape of a Y. The audio jack on one side is for the computer's headphone port. The other end has two jacks, red and white, which should be connected to the corresponding red and white ports on the back of the television, next to the DVI or VGA port you are using.


Step 6

Turn on the television. On the Samsung remote, click the "TV" button, which is usually under the power button. This should bring you to the PC screen. The resolution will be a bit different as it tries to fit everything onto the screen, but once the images are loaded you can use your mouse and keyboard as usual.

Additionally there may be an "Input" or "Source" button you can press to get the PC option to display.

Things You'll Need

  • VGA or DVI cable

  • Audio cable