How to Connect a Workstation to the Server

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How to Connect a Workstation to the Server. Connecting a workstation to a server is a great way for a group of people to share information and peripherals (such as a printer) without leaving their own desks. Whether you are establishing a new network for a business or a home or joining an existing network, adding a new workstation to the network has never been easier.


How to Connect a Workstation to the Server

Step 1

Determine whether you will connect to the server via a directly linked cable or through a wireless network router. If connecting through a wireless system, you will need to configure the workstation to communicate with the wireless router.


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Step 2

Turn the workstation off.

Step 3

Connect the network cable to the port on the computer at one end and the desired server at the other end. If working in an office, a jack should be located in the wall to connect the cable with the server.


Step 4

Select the file folders, programs and peripherals connected to the server you wish to share. If the workstation joins an existing network, skip this step and go to the next step.

Step 5

Add a new user to the server. Go to the program responsible for keeping track of all users on the network and follow the process for adding a new user. You will need to add a username, password and perhaps a computer name, depending on the network. Write down the username, password and computer name.


Step 6

Power up the workstation.

Step 7

Allow the operating system to recognize the new connection.

Step 8

Use the help of a network setup wizard in Windows to connect the workstation to the server. On a Mac, use the Network Setup Assistant to take you through the process. Provide the username, password and computer name for the workstation and domain name (name of the network) when prompted.


Step 9

Restart the workstation when prompted to do so to allow the workstation to solidify the new connection to the server.

Step 10

Check the status of the network connection to make sure the workstation has successfully connected to the server.



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