How to Change Your Password Using FileZilla

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You can access your website and a server by FileZilla.

FileZilla is a free FTP server interface program that lets you upload and download pages, images, videos and documents from you website. The FileZilla program accesses your website through a server. You may need to change the password you use to access the website and the server if you suspect someone has hacked into your system. Using FileZilla makes it a straightforward process to change the password. All you need is a few minutes and a new, memorable password.


Step 1

Log into the server from your machine. You must use your own computer to access the server and change the password.

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Step 2

Start the "FileZilla Server Interface.exe" program in FileZilla. In XAMPP, you can access the server through the admin interface from the control panel.


Step 3

Click on "Connect to Server." Enter into the "Server Address" section, 14147 into the "Port" section and use your current password in the "Administration Password" section. Click "OK."

Step 4

Check whether you are logged on correctly. If so, you should see "Logged On" in the server's window.



Step 5

Click "Edit" and "Settings." Select "Admin Interface Settings." Check the "Change admin password" box.

Step 6

Enter the new password in the "New" section and retype the new password once again in the box below. Click "OK" and close the FileZilla program.

Step 7

Restart the server to finalize the new settings.



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