How to Connect AV Cables to a PC Desktop

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At some point, you may wish to connect your television to the video card of a computer. You may wish, for example, to view computer files via a TV; this can be useful when there are many DVD files ripped onto your hard drive. One way to do this is to buy a video card with an AV connector. Unfortunately, this is fairly expensive. Alternately, establish a connection via the use of AV adapter cables.


Step 1

Purchase a set of AV cables at your local electronics store.

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Step 2

Position your television and computer close enough that the cables are capable of connecting them.

Step 3

Find the VGA connector on your video card. It is a small, four-sided dock that matches with the cable on your adapter.


Step 4

Plug the VGA end of your adapter into the PC's VGA port. The port is located on the back or side of your computer and will be labeled. It has 15 holes for the pins of the VGA cable and is normally colored blue.

Step 5

Insert the AV cables into your television. The composite, or "RCA," circular inputs that are located on the side or back of the television. They are normally color coded with red and white for the two audio jacks and yellow for video.



Step 6

Determine the number of the AV connection you have plugged the AV cables into. Press the "TV/Video" button on your television until you reach the number in question. If your computer's screen is now displayed on the TV, then the connectors have successfully linked your computer to your TV. If not, check your TV's documentation.

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