How to Connect Bluetooth Devices to WiFi

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Smartphones are common Bluetooth-enabled devices able to access wi-fi

Bluetooth technology enables electronic devices to link to each other through shortwave radio signals without the use of a wire. Wi-fi (wireless networking) technology uses broad-range radio waves to let an electronic device access a network system. Electronic devices can have both Bluetooth and wi-fi capabilities because they serve different purposes. It's simple to connect them, and the result is that a Bluetooth-enabled device can access a wi-fi network without any interference between the two signals.


Connecting Bluetooth Devices to Wi-fi

Step 1

Locate a wireless networking source. Many businesses such as coffee shops and public service facilities such as libraries have wireless networking "hotspots" in place. Some places charge a small fee, but most give the access for free. Other sources of wi-fi can come from portable devices such as satellite modems or wi-fi receivers inside the device itself.


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Step 2

Access the connection manager of the specific device used and follow the device instructions to connect to the wi-fi network. Most paid "hotspots" have an access code that can be purchased for a time limit. The limit depends on the specifics of the location's rates. Free wi-fi access simply requires locating the network and connecting to it. Mobile wi-fi modems usually carry a fee, either on a monthly access plan or per-usage.



Step 3

Use the device for its intended purpose. Because Bluetooth and wi-fi signals don't interfere with each other, you can use both functions at the same time with no issues. When using more than one Bluetooth device at a time, both devices must be Bluetooth linked together for proper usage. Otherwise they will work independently of each other because wi-fi will not connect the devices.



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