How to Connect External Speakers to a TV

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Today's televisions provide audiences with a wide array of entertainment experiences that have expanded well beyond the early days of network programming. With access to the internet and streaming services, modern televisions have become immersive and engaging media hubs that attract individuals with a variety of interests and expectations. It is not uncommon for TV owners to enhance their television-viewing experience using external speakers. Although modifying your TV sound system to connect speakers to the TV may initially appear to be intimidating, it can be accomplished in a few simple steps.


Getting Started With Your TV Sound System

To connect external speakers to your TV, you first have to determine how the speakers will be powered and what form of connector is used to send audio from the TV to the speakers themselves. For the vast majority of consumer-grade television speakers, connections are made using either a standard 1/4-inch headphone jack or via wireless technology. Depending upon your preferences, you may decide that one of these speaker connection methods is better suited to your needs than the other. If you are using a wireless network to connect speakers to your TV, you must ensure that both your TV and the speakers themselves are fully compatible. Also, you need an internet connection in your home to make this particular tool function properly.


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Sending TV Audio Out to Speakers

If you are using a standard 1/4-inch headphone jack to connect speakers to your TV, all you need to do is connect the 1/4-inch jack-equipped cable to the "Audio In" port on your speakers and the "Audio Out" port on your television. These cables can be acquired affordably from any consumer electronics store. After this connection is made, power on both the speakers and the television and immediately begin hearing television audio output through the speaker units.


Evaluating Other TV Sound System Options

If you are using professional-grade speakers, you may need to send audio out from the television to an amplifier unit before it can be output through your speakers. In this case, you may need to connect individual cables from the Left/Right divided audio output ports on the back of your television to the corresponding amplifier inputs. After this is accomplished, connect the speakers to the matching amplifier output ports, at which point you should begin receiving audio. Throughout this process, maintain the audio level on both the speakers and amplifier at a low level to avoid accidental speaker damage or hearing loss from unexpectedly loud signals.