How to Connect Mobile Devices to a TV

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Many mobile devices have an installed "Out" port. This allows you to send the audio and video information of the equipment (such as a portable media player or cell phone) into a computer system. The connection takes one single cable and only a few minutes to perform. However, if there is no available "Out" port installed, you are unable to connect the mobile device to a television system.


Things You'll Need

  • 3.5mm to RCA audio/video cable

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Step 1

Plug the 3.5mm end of the cable into the "Out" port on the mobile media device.


Step 2

Insert the red, white and yellow RCA audio/video cables into the the "Video In" ports on your television system.

Step 3

Power on the mobile device and your television. Select the "Input" option and choose "Video." The mobile device video information now appears on the television screen.