How to Connect Multiple Televisions to One DVD Player

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How to Connect Multiple Televisions to One DVD Player
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There are a number of circumstances that may require that one DVD player serve multiple televisions. If you intend to connect a single DVD player to televisions around a school or restaurant, the needs are different than doing the same for your home theater. However, with a little effort, a DVD player can easily run video for multiple screens.


Step 1

Check the back of your DVD player before doing anything. Depending on your needs, your particular DVD player may already meet them. Even the cheapest DVD player typically includes both coaxial and digital outputs. This can accommodate two televisions simultaneously, assuming that the TVs to be linked are in direct proximity with the DVD player. Otherwise, more drastic action must be taken.


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Step 2

Piggyback on an existing network. Chances are that if you have multiple TVs, you pay for one cable service. This means that there is already an existing pathway that connects all your televisions and can be used to relay the information broadcast from your DVD player. Simply track down the main cable line that feeds your entire network of televisions. If you are performing this installation in your home, then you probably already know where to look. If attempting the same in a restaurant, school or office, then simply begin by following the black coaxial cable out of the back of one of the televisions. Typically, cable lines installed for larger networks of televisions will find their terminal point in an electrical closet or above pull-out ceiling panels.


Step 3

Find a splitter, or install one. Chances are that splitters are already used to branch out the television signal from the main coaxial line. It will look like a flat box with screws surrounding the inputs and outputs. The thick, black coaxial cable entering the input will be the main cable line.


Step 4

Install the A-B switch. This is as easy as unscrewing the main cable line and screwing the A-B switch in between the coaxial cable and the splitter. This will make it simple to flip between the main cable line and the DVD player line you are about to install.

Step 5

Install the modulator on the side of the A-B switch. A modulator can be bought in any electronic store, Radio Shack being perhaps the most pervasive. The modulator simply converts an input signal to run through the cable line. This will enable the standard Channel 3 or 4 to be used for your DVD broadcast.


Step 6

Plug your DVD player into the modulator and you're ready to go. Simply switch your A-B to the appropriate side, and the DVD player will broadcast to every TV in your cable network.

Things You'll Need

  • Cable splitter

  • A-B switch

  • Modulator

  • DVD player