How to Connect Speakers on an Acer Computer

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Acer makes a wide range of computers, both laptops and desktops. All of them have the capability for the addition of powered computer speakers through an audio output jack built into the computer. There's no technical expertise or special knowledge required to connect speakers to an Acer computer. It should be noted that there's nothing unique about the method used in connecting speakers to Acer computers. The connections are universal throughout the computer industry.


Step 1

Push the audio plug of the computer speakers into the audio output jack of your Acer computer. The audio output jack will be located on the back panel of the computer and is color-coded green. Both the plug and jack are 3.5mm stereo connectors--the same type you'll find on headphones and headphone jacks for portable electronics.

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Step 2

Plug the computer speakers' electric plug into an electric outlet or power strip.

Step 3

Place the computer speakers, one on either side of the computer monitor.


Step 4

Turn the speakers on and adjust the volume with the switches located on one of the speakers.

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