How to Convert a Ghost File to a VMDK File

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Migrate servers from old hardware to virtual machines and save hardware, energy and administrative expense.

Use the Symantec Ghost main executable to convert a Ghost format image file to a VMDK image file that can run as a VMWare virtual machine. If a Ghost hard drive image includes a complete operating system, running the image as a virtual computer rather than on dedicated hardware saves both time and administrative overhead. Prepare a Ghost file to run in virtual by leveraging special Symantec Ghost command line switches.


Step 1

Click the Windows 7 desktop "Start" button and type "ghost32" in the "Search" box. Right-click on the command line icon that appears and click "Open Containing Folder."

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Step 2

Press and hold down the "Shift" key. Right-click empty space in the window containing the ghost32.exe file "Open Command Windows Here."


Step 3

Type "ghost32 -clone,mode=restore,src=ghost_file.gho,dst=vmdk_file.vmdk -batch –sure" at the command prompt. Replace "ghost_file.gho" with the name of the Ghost file you want to convert. Replace "vmdk_file" with a name you want to assign to the VMDK file. Press the "Enter" key.





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