How to Convert Audio to MIDI in Logic Pro

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Understanding how to convert an audio track to MIDI expands the palette of effects and devices you can use in your digital audio workstation. In Logic Pro X, audio tracks are converted to MIDI using the Flex Pro feature. Once you've converted your audio track using Flex Pro, you can tweak and manipulate individual notes just as if you had originally recorded the track using a keyboard or other MIDI-enabled device.


Step 1

Double-click your audio track in the track window to open it in the Editor panel. The Editor panel is the window that enables you to focus on an individual track rather than all of the tracks in your project.

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Step 2

Press "Command-F" to turn on the Flex Pro feature. Alternatively, you can click the "Edit" button on the Tracks area menu bar and select "Show Flex Pitch/Time" to turn on the Flex Pro feature.


Step 3

Click the "Flex" button on the right side of the track header. It turns purple when clicked.

Step 4

Click the track's drop-down menu, select "Flex Pitch" and then double-click the region in the track you want to convert to MIDI. The Track view loads when you double-click the region.



Step 5

Click "Edit" on the main menu and select "Create MIDI Track From Flex Pitch Data" to create a new software instrument track containing the converted MIDI data. Save your project when you are finished.



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