How to Convert Photos to Panoramic

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Among the most impressive and inspiring types of photographs are panoramic photos. This photos give the viewer a sense of space and scale that ordinary photos can't, almost taking you into the scene. Creating panoramic photos is a complex process that once required equipment that the ordinary photographer didn't have, but thanks to Adobe's introduction of the Photomerge utility in Photoshop, anyone that has access to Photoshop can create their own amazing panoramic photos.


Step 1

Take the pictures you will use for your panorama. You will want the photos you take to overlap by at least 25 percent, but you don't want an overlap of more that 70 percent, since Photomerge won't be able to merge the images. When taking the photos use a tripod and stay in the same spot. Try to keep the camera as level as possible and at the same angle as you turn the tripod to take the photos. Also, try to maintain the same exposure for all the images.


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Step 2

Connect your digital camera to your computer and transfer the files to a single folder.

Step 3

Open Photoshop. Select "File," then "Automate" and click "Photomerge." The Photomerge dialog will open.


Step 4

Change "Use" to "Folder." Then click on the "Browse" button and select the folder you created in step 2. All the files will appear in the bin. Now select the type of "Layout" you want to use, such as "Perspective" or "Cylindrical." Alsom you can just leave it up to Photomerge by selecting "Auto."



Step 5

Turn on "Blend Image Together" unless you want to use the tools in Photoshop to blend the edges of the pictures yourself. You should also turn on "Vignette Removal" if some of your images have darker edges. Turn on "Geometric Distortion Removal" if you used a lens like a fisheye that distorted the images. Click "OK." Photomerge merges the images together and creates one Photoshop file with each part of the panorama on its own layer. This makes it easier for you to make any slight corrections or alterations to the panorama.

Step 6

Select "File" and click "Save." Save your image as a high resolution JPEG file.




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