How to Copy a Read-Only CD

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You can copy CDs that are read only with a few work-arounds

A read-only CD is designed to be read by the computer's CD-ROM drive but not re-written on. Occasionaly, CDs are copied to this format unintentionally, and it makes duplication of the disc more difficult. However if you use MS DOS commands to bypass the read only status, a disc can be copied to the hard drive and later to a blank disc. It is unlawful to copy and distribute a read-only CD without permission of the content's owner.


Step 1

Insert the CD into the CD-ROM drive.

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Step 2

Press "Start">"Run" and type in "cmd.exe." This will open up the MS DOS command prompt.

Step 3

Type in "xcopy" then the letter of the CD drive. Following that type in the path of the file you wish to save the contents to. For example, copying a CD where the CD ROM is letter D and the hard drive is C would look like:


xcopy D: (C:/)


Step 4

Press "Enter" when finished.

Step 5

Navigate to the folder when you copied the CD contents and right click on each of them and choose "Properties." Uncheck the box next to "read only."

Step 6

Insert a blank CD into the drive and drag and drop the files to the CD.

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