How to Copy an Email Group List

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You have composed your group email, and now it is time to add your recipients. You do not have to manually type in email addresses or even add them one by one from your email address book. Instead, copy and paste emails from a previous group email using a few simple Control commands. Remember that Control + A means "select all," Control + C means "copy" and Control + P means "paste."


Step 1

Open an old group email that has all or most of the email addresses you need in the "To" box. An easy way to search for a group email is to click the "Sender" tab on your email toolbar. The list will move into an alphabetical list, and you may be able to find a regular sender of group emails--such as your boss--by scrolling down the alphabetized list.


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Step 2

Click on the "Reply" tab and scroll down to "Reply All." Click "Reply All." A blank email box will pop up on your screen with the group email list in the "To" box.

Step 3

Click your cursor at the end of the email list and hit the buttons "Control" plus the letter "A." This will highlight all of the emails.


Step 4

Hit the buttons "Control" plus the letter "C." This copies the emails.


Step 5

Click on the "Mail" tab to return to the main screen. Now click on the "New" button. Your cursor should automatically appear in the "To" form field. Hit the buttons "Control" plus the letter "P." Your group email list should appear in the "To" form field. You also can hit "Control" plus the letter "P" in a Word document. Simply open up Microsoft Word and hit those commands.




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