How to Copy and Paste With a Touchpad

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Laptops are essential gadgets that are normally designed to be user-friendly and functional in today's world. However, if you worry about making the jump from a PC desktop to a laptop because of the use of a touchpad rather than a traditional mouse, be assured that using a touchpad does not have to be difficult. You might soon begin to see some benefits to using a touchpad. The cut and paste functions, for example, are extremely easy to access with a touchpad.


Step 1

Place your index finger on the touchpad and use it to maneuver the cursor to the area of text or images that you wish to copy from a document. Select a starting point by clicking once on the left button beneath the touchpad. This is a left-click.

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Step 2

Highlight the items you want to copy. With your index finger still on the touchpad, hold down on a left-click and drag your finger across the text or image until the end of your selection. You will see the colored highlight on the screen; a highlighted selection usually appears in blue.


Step 3

Release the left-click when you have highlighted everything that you need.

Step 4

Press the right button beneath the touchpad. This is a right-click. Select 'Copy' from the menu that will appear.



Step 5

Reposition your cursor into the blank document or template by gliding your finger across the touchpad. Left-click to place the cursor.

Step 6

Right-click again. Select "Paste" from the menu that will appears. Your highlighted will appear in the blank space.




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