How to Copy and Paste With a Touchpad

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Laptops are essential gadgets that are normally designed to be user-friendly and functional in today's world. However, if you worry about making the jump from a PC desktop to a laptop because of the use of a touchpad rather than a traditional mouse, be assured that using a touchpad does not have to be difficult. You might soon begin to see some benefits to using a touchpad. The cut and paste functions, for example, are extremely easy to access with a touchpad.


Step 1

Place your index finger on the touchpad and use it to maneuver the cursor to the area of text or images that you wish to copy from a document. Select a starting point by clicking once on the left button beneath the touchpad. This is a left-click.

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Step 2

Highlight the items you want to copy. With your index finger still on the touchpad, hold down on a left-click and drag your finger across the text or image until the end of your selection. You will see the colored highlight on the screen; a highlighted selection usually appears in blue.


Step 3

Release the left-click when you have highlighted everything that you need.

Step 4

Press the right button beneath the touchpad. This is a right-click. Select 'Copy' from the menu that will appear.


Step 5

Reposition your cursor into the blank document or template by gliding your finger across the touchpad. Left-click to place the cursor.

Step 6

Right-click again. Select "Paste" from the menu that will appears. Your highlighted will appear in the blank space.

Things You'll Need

  • PC laptop with touchpad

  • Open document with text or images

  • Open blank document or template


When you feel more comfortable with the touchpad, you can use an alternate method to copy and paste text or images. At Step 4, press the “Ctrl” button on your keyboard. With your finger still on "Ctrl," press the "C" button. This will copy your selection. At Step 6, press “Ctrl” and then, with your finger still on it, the "P" button. This will paste your selection into the new document.

These instructions are specifically for PC users.