How to Create a Basic Inventory Spreadsheet With Excel

By Techwalla Contributor

Looking for another way to track and maintain your inventory without having to search through mounds of paperwork? Creating a basic inventory spreadsheet with Microsoft Excel will allow you to store your inventory electronically to your computer. You can create a basic inventory spreadsheet using Excel in a few steps.

Step 1

Launch Microsoft Excel and click on "Create Header" to create a header or title for your inventory spreadsheet.

Step 2

Click inside cell "A1." Type the word "Items." You have now created a column for your items to be listed. If you want the column to stand out, you can also highlight the text, make it boldface or underline it.

Step 3

Create columns that show the date of inventory and the quantity of items on that specific date. Click inside cell "B1." Type the text "Date." Click inside cell "C1" and type the text "Quantity." Move to cell "D1" and type the text "Date." Continue this pattern as much as you like. You can always add more columns later if necessary.

Step 4

Type the name of the first item being inventoried inside cell "A2." Type the date of the inventory and the amount of the item that is stocked inside cell "B2." Move to the next item being inventoried by typing the name of the item inside cell "A3." Type the date and quantity inside of cell B3." Continue this pattern until you complete your inventory listing.

Step 5

Save your inventory spreadsheet to your computer's hard drive.

Step 6

Start in column "C1" for your next inventory. The next inventory after that is column "D1." Continue this pattern for each inventory.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can make your columns wider by clicking the top of the column and dragging it to the right. You can enter as many column titles as you like.
  • Prevent losing your data by sporadically saving it to your computer's hard drive throughout the inventory process.