How to Create a Hashtag on Facebook

By Zicheng Ren

This article describes using hashtags on Facebook and how to view other posts that have the same hashtag.

The distinguishing feature of hashtags is that they link immediately to other news and stories that include the keyword, which facilitates the rapid spread of information. Add a hashtag to your Facebook post by including a number sign paired with a single key word related to the topic of your post . Click the hashtag to view similar posts after you publish your post.

Step 1: Log in to your Facebook account and locate the Update Status box on your News Feed or Timeline.

Step 2: Enter the content you want to share followed by the number sign and a single word that relates to the post — #fruits, for example. Insert as many hashtags as you want and separate them with spaces. Hashtags can contain numbers but not punctuation or special characters such as $ and %. Click Post to publish your status with the hashtags.

Type your status followed by a hashtag and click


Limit who can see your post by clicking the button to the left of the Post button and choosing the audience. You can set up your post to be visible to the general public, only to Facebook friends, to specific people you name or just to yourself.

Step 3: Locate your post and click the hashtag in your post.

Click the hashtag in your post.

Step 4: View the posts that share your hashtag.

Check the suggestions related to the same topic.


Type a hashtag in the Facebook search bar to find posts that contain it.