How to Tag People in Songs on SoundCloud

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SoundCloud offers you a way to upload and share your music online with others. The unique URL for each track you upload also streamlines the process of embedding your music on social media sites. Although there is no direct tagging feature, it is possible to use the comments section to create a direct link to the person you want to tag. To do this, you click the area on the waveform graphic of a song where you want to insert the comment. This can be done to tag and link to the profile of a person that contributed to the specified section of the song or to give her credit for her assistance.


Step 1

Log in to your SoundCloud account. Click the name of the song in which you want to tag someone.

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Step 2

Click the section of the song where you want to insert the tag. You have to click the light-grey section of the waveform, which then shows your profile picture as a thumbnail. If you click the dark grey section of the waveform, it only plays the song and doesn't insert a tag.


Step 3

Click the "Write a Comment" text input box, and enter a "@" sign followed by the profile name of the person that you want to tag. The profile name must match the name in the URL of the person, which might be different than their SoundCloud username. For example, if the person has a username of "John Smith," but their SoundCloud profile URL is "," you need to enter "@John-Smith-800" (without the quotation marks) into the comment box.



Step 4

Press the space bar, and enter a comment to or about the person you are tagging. Press "Enter" to post the comment with the tag. The first part of the comment changes color to indicate that it is a tag that will open the profile page of the person tagged when it is clicked.




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