How to Send Relationship Requests on Facebook

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You can set your Facebook profile to display your current relationship status, and you can also specify whom you are in a relationship with and add a link to their profile on yours. To designate someone as your partner on Facebook, you must send that person a relationship request. Relationship requests help to prevent people from editing their profile to say they are in a relationship with somebody that they are not actually in a relationship with.


Step 1

Log in to your Facebook account at

Step 2

Click the "Edit my Profile" link underneath your name in the upper-left corner of your News Feed page.

Step 3

Click "Featured People" to edit information about your relationship.

Step 4

Set the "Relationship Status" drop-down box to the option that best matches your current relationship situation.


Step 5

Type the name of the person you are in a relationship with in the text field under the "Relationship Status" drop-down box.

Step 6

Click "Save Changes."


You cannot send a relationship request if your relationship status is set to single, widowed, separated or divorced.


You must be friends with a person on Facebook to send a relationship request to that person.

Facebook does not allow you to link relationships to multiple people at the same time.