How to Tag Someone Who Is Not Your Friend on Facebook

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Facebook pages display photos in which the user is tagged.

Each day, more than 100 million tags are added to pictures on Facebook. Some of these tags are created by people who are not Facebook friends with the individuals they tag. Although it may seem unclear at first, the process for tagging someone with whom you are not friends is straightforward and no more difficult that tagging a friend. The only difference between tagging a Facebook friend and tagging anyone else is that a photo tag of a person who is not a Facebook friend is not linked to that person's profile, and they do not receive notification of the tag.


Step 1

Navigate to the main page of the Facebook website and log in.

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Step 2

Click on any photo in your news feed, photo section or on another user's profile to open it in the photo viewer.

Step 3

Click "Tag This Photo" below the image.


Step 4

Click anywhere on the photo to select the person you want to tag.


Step 5

Type the name of the person into the field provided and press enter. Ignore the friend suggestions that pop up beneath the text field.

Step 6

Click "Done Tagging" to save the tag.

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