How to Tag a Full Album in Facebook

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There's more than one way to upload photos on Facebook. Many people prefer to shoot a photo and add it to the timeline, which throws it under the category of Your Photos when you click on Photos on your news feed, but some people prefer to save all their photos and upload them at once to create a full album. This method is ideal for putting multiple photos of the same event in one place, such as those pictures of your annual family beach vacation. While it's easy to tag a photo when you upload an album full of photos, it can appear initially that you have to tag each photo individually. However, there's an easy and time-saving way to tag the entire album.


Facebook Tag an Album

When you use the tag-photo feature, you're usually either clicking on the person's image and typing a name or tagging them when you create the post. With an entire album, you first upload all the photos you want to add to the album. At that point, you'll see a panel on the left inviting you to create an album name. Here you can tag anyone you want by typing their name. This tags them in the album description. You can also tag individuals in each photo by clicking anywhere on a photo and typing the name of the person you want to tag.


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Share Full Album on Facebook

After you use the Facebook tag-album feature, you probably want to share the album, which is merely a matter of clicking the "Share" button. Before you do, decide whether you want to write a caption for each photo, add a location to the panel on the left, invite friends to add their own photos by checking the Add Contributors button or set a date for the photos. You should also take a last look through to make sure you don't want to tag a photo with someone you didn't tag in the entire album.



Tag Existing Album on Facebook

You don't lose the ability to use the Facebook tag-album feature when you select "Share." You can edit a full album long after you've created and posted it. When you choose "Edit Album," you see an option to "say something about this album." Begin typing the names of each person you want to tag to open a drop-down menu pop up that allows you to tag them. You can also add more photos or videos. When you've finished editing, choose "Save" to complete the edit.




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