What Is the Difference Between "Share" and "Post to Profile" for an Album in Facebook?

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Share Facebook photo albums on your Wall or a friend's Wall.

The Facebook photo album feature is a great way to upload and share photos. You have several options for sharing photos, including tagging, posting albums or individual photos to others' Facebook Walls or only posting the album on your own Wall. The blue "Share" link displayed on a photo album features different sharing options.


Facebook Photo Albums

You have the option through Facebook of creating photo albums of any uploaded photos. Creating photo albums is a simple process and you can customize the album with its own name, description and captions for each photo. Log in to your Facebook account and then click on "Profile" to be taken to your Profile page. Click the "Photos" link underneath your profile picture and then click the "+ Upload Photos" button. After you select and upload the photos, type in a name and description for the photo album. Now you are ready to tag and share the photos.


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Facebook Photo Tagging

To "tag" in a photo in a Facebook album is to identify the other Facebook users in the photo. Click on the name of the photo album and click on the first photo to add a tag. Click the blue "Tag This Photo" link and then click on the person's face in the photo. Start typing their name and their Facebook user profile information will appear. After you have finished tagging, click the "Done Tagging" link. When you hover the mouse pointer over the photo, their name appears, and links to their Facebook profile pages appear under the photo and above the caption. A link to the tagged photo is automatically posted on that Facebook user's profile page.


Facebook Album "Share"

You have the option to share your Facebook photos or the entire album with any other Facebook friends. Click on the "Photos" link underneath your profile picture and click on the name of the photo album. To share the entire album, click the blue "Share" link underneath the album thumbnails. Choose the option you want to "Share" from the drop-down menu in the "Share This Album" dialog box. You can share on your own Wall, on a friend's Wall, in a group or on a Page. Add a description if you want and then click the blue "Share This Album" button. You can also share individual photos in the album. Click on the photo and click the blue "Share" link. Choose your sharing options and then click the blue "Share This Photo" button.


Facebook Album "Post to Profile"

When you click on the "Post to Profile" link in a Facebook photo album, the entire album is then posted as a group of thumbnails on your Facebook Wall. If you have not tagged anyone in the album, then no photos will appear on their Wall. Also, if you have elected to post the photo album only to your own Wall, then it will not appear on another user's Wall. To post a photo album to your profile is to reserve it only for your own Wall and not to create a direct link on others' profiles.