On Facebook, How to Save a Photo From Your Friend's Album

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Fill photo frames with saved pictures from your friends' online albums.

Facebook is a social networking tool originally created by college students. Facebook allows you to connect with friends, family and strangers around the globe. You can post pictures on your Facebook profile to commemorate events and people in your life. You can also view pictures from your friends' photo albums. If you wish to keep a copy of a photo from your friends' photo album, there are many ways to do so. However, before attempting to save a photo that is not yours, you must get permission from the owner.


Step 1

Send the photo to your e-mail address. Right-click the photo you wish to save. This will bring up a list options. Click the"Send Image" option. The computer's e-mail client will open for you to fill in the information and send the e-mail.

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Step 2

Save to your hard drive. Right-click on the photo you wish to save and choose the "Save Image As" option. Choose the directory for which you would like the photo to be saved on your hard drive. Commonly, photos are saved to the "Pictures" or "My Documents" folder. You will not have to access the Internet to view the picture if you save it this way.


Step 3

Tag yourself in the image on Facebook. Traditionally, tagging was used to identify people in a photo. You may now tag yourself in random spots throughout the photo even if you are not present. This will allow you to access the photo without visiting your friend's album. This will save the photo on your profile beneath your profile photo under the heading "View Photos of Me."



Step 4

Create a bookmark linking to the image. Using your Internet browser, click "Bookmark This Page" or simultaneously type "Ctrl" and "D." This will save the link to the page containing the picture for easy access. It will be saved in your browser under your bookmarked websites.


Step 5

Download the FacePAD plug-in for Mozilla Firefox. You must be using the Firefox browser to perform this type of save. Under tools, click "Add-ons" and search for the FacePAD plug-in. Once downloaded, you will be able to save entire photo albums from Facebook.



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