How to Upload Music to Facebook

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With your Facebook account, you can add extra features to your profile page, such as music, to build up your display and provide an enjoyable attraction for your visitors. Although it is not obvious, this well-known social networking website provides a method for publishing your music links to your space or even a friend's page. If you have a Web host and a music file, such as an MP3, you can upload your own music to Facebook.


Step 1

Place your music file on your Web host to create an address that allows you to upload the file to Facebook. Be sure to make a note of the URL.

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Step 2

Log in to your Facebook account and navigate to the page on which you want to upload music. For example, you can click the "Home" link and add your media to the "What's on your mind?" box, or go to a friend's page and write on his "Wall."


Step 3

Click the "Link" icon at the bottom of the text field and then type in the music file's URL address from Step 1 in the "Link" text field. For instance:


Step 4

Go to the text field above the "Link" title and type in the content that describes what the file is. For example, if the file is a name of a song, type in this title. Click the "Attach" button when done.


Step 5

Click the "Unknown Artist" and "Unknown Album" defaults in the "Artist" and "Album" area to enter this information for your music. Click the "Share" button when finished.




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