How to Reply to Posts on 4Chan

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4Chan is an online platform for sharing images and chatting about manga and other anime. Users do not have to sign in to 4Chan in order to create posts or reply to other users' posts. Rather, you just have to visit the post to reply to it.


Step 1

Visit 4Chan website on your Internet browser; see link in Resources.

Step 2

Go to the post that you want to reply to. The website's homepage displays different categories in which the posts are listed. Select a category and then look for the post that you want to reply to in that category.

Step 3

Click the "Reply" link next to the post.

Step 4

Enter your name, email address, subject of your reply and your comments about the post in the respective "Reply" fields. Enter the Verification code as given on the screen. Upload any image file that you want to attach with your post. Enter a password into the password field. This password will be required to delete the file that you attach with your post.

Step 5

Click the "Submit" button on the "Reply" form to post your reply.


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