How to Copy and Repost in Facebook

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Sharing someone's post is a form of flattery.
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Sometimes a Facebook post deserves more than a like or comment, and you want to share it with your friends. You have multiple options, including Facebook's Share button, copying and pasting, and taking a screenshot to post as a photo. Remember that it's polite to credit the original poster for the post when you share it.


The Share Button

The "Share" button on each post enables you to share said post and automatically credit the original poster. Shared posts adhere to the original poster's sharing preference. If the original poster shared the post only with friends, you won't be able share the post with the public.


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Highlight the text of the post you want to share. Right-click the highlighted area and select "Copy." In your own post window, right-click and select "Paste." Alternately, copy highlighted text by pressing "Ctrl-C" and paste it using "Ctrl-V."



Repost something as a photo by taking a screenshot using the "Print Screen" key. Your keyboard may abbreviate the words to something like "Prt Sc." After pressing the key, open an image-editing program like Microsoft Paint. Crop the photo to show only the content you want. Save it and then upload the photo to Facebook.





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