How to Create a Rediff Account

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How to Create a Rediff Account. Rediffmail, an India-based email provider, offers an expansive 1GB of free account space, provides quick speed and affords you the opportunity to build your very own homepage using ready-made templates, without needing to know HTML. Rediff email accounts that offer additional storage space and sophisticated features are available for an annual fee. Find out now how you can open your free account and begin using it today.


Step 1

Log on to which will bring you directly to the registration screen.

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Step 2

Enter your name and select an appropriate keyword that you will use for future account login.

Step 3

Designate an email password of 6 characters or more that you will easily remember, and then confirm it by typing it again in the next field.


Step 4

Insert an alternate email address if you have one. If not, click on the radio button that indicates that you don't have one.


Step 5

Type in your date of birth, gender and country by clicking on the appropriate drop-down boxes and making the appropriate selections.


Step 6

Confirm your registration by typing the letters that match the image code to the right of the screen.

Step 7

Agree to the terms, conditions and privacy policy of your Rediff account registration and click on "Register Me."

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