How to Create a Storyboard in Adobe Photoshop

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A storyboard is a set of pictures organized and laid out so they tell a story. You can use an Adobe Photoshop template to place photos on and create your own storyboard. The key to a good storyboard is making sure the pictures are centered on the page and equidistant from each other. Photoshop's Guides application will help you. You will need math along with artistic skills to create a good storyboard.


Step 1

Go to the File menu in Photoshop and select New. In the New box, choose a name for the document and select Custom from the Preset drop box. Input the width and height you want the storyboard to be, as well as the resolution (300 is good), and choose the color of the background contents.

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Step 2

Import into Photoshop the photos you will use. Make sure the photos have the same resolution as the template you just created, and know the size of each photo. Crop them as you see fit.


Step 3

Go to the View menu and select New Guides. This application lets you create guiding lines to help center the photos on your template.

Step 4

Create horizontal guides to help center the photos vertically. Subtract your photo's height from the template's height and divide by two. Make the first guide's position at this number and the second guide at the template's height minus that number. (For a 7-inch photo on a 10-inch template, the guides are at 1.5 and 8.5).


Step 5

Use the same position figure to create vertical guides for your horizontal outer borders. If you have a 20-inch wide template and a 1.5 position figure, put the guides at 1.5 and 18.5.

Step 6

Drag the first and last photos you are using onto the template. Center them along their respective edges using the guides.


Step 7

Place the remaining photos (your "middle photos") on the storyboard template between the "end photos" you placed first. You can place more vertical guides to ensure the photos are evenly spaced. Use the next step to find out how much space should be between each photo.


Step 8

Take the combined width of your center photos, subtract that from the width of template space between your end photos and divide that by the number of middle photos plus one (divide by three if you have two middle photos). The width of "white space" between each photo should be that amount.


Step 9

Print your storyboard and/or save it as a PSD file. Repeat all of the above with another template if your storyboard requires multiple pages.



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