How to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger Using Photoshop

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Use Photoshop to make your eyes look bigger!

Look in the pages of any fashion magazine: large, emotion-filled eyes are the sign of true beauty. You can easily make the eyes in your photos look larger (but still very natural) by following a few simple steps in Photoshop! A process like this truly makes your photos stand out. This technique is perfect for online dating photos.


Step 1

Choose the lasso tool from your toolbar.

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Step 2

Draw a selection (marching ants) around one of the eyes. Be sure to include some of the surrounding skin.

Step 3

Click Edit and select Copy. Make a new layer (Layer/New Layer). Then paste your eye onto that new layer.


Step 4

Select the eye layer and go to Edit/Transform/Scale. A box will appear around your eye.

Step 5

Grab a corner of that box and hold down the "Shift" key on your keyboard. Drag the corner of the box out until the eye is stretched to your desired size.


Step 6

Use your move tool (black arrow) to put the eye in position.

Step 7

Erase any unwanted extra skin from around your eye.

Step 8

Repeat for the other eye.


Always work on a duplicate file whenever you edit your pictures. Work to keep your overall image natural. You want your eyes to be larger, but not to stand out as huge—unless you're going for a comic effect!