How to Remove Water Spots From Your Camera Lens

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Keep your lenses clear of mineral residue.

Water spots are created when water droplets dry up and leave mineral residue behind on your camera's lens. These spots can appear when shooting outdoors in wet conditions or if you keep your camera in a damp place.


Step 1

Pump air onto the lens using the lens bulb; this will blow air across your lens and help to get rid of dirt or other particles. Brush away any remaining particles with the soft lens brush.

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Step 2

Wipe the camera lens gently with the microfiber cloth, moving from the inside out in a circular motion. Do this a few times to get all of the water droplet residue off of the lens. Always wipe gently to avoid rubbing off the protective coating of your lens.


Step 3

Dab a little lens cleaner onto one side of the microfiber cloth with your lens pen and gently wipe the lens and clean off the water spots. You want to only barely wet the cloth; do not use excessive amounts of lens cleaner.


Step 4

Wipe off any remaining wet solution with the dry side of the microfiber cloth.




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