How to Get Fake Tears on Photoshop

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Adobe's Photoshop graphics program lets you add tears to a photograph. Whether you need to add tears of someone crying where the real tears weren't captured by the camera, or add a stylistic tear to an artistic image, the program makes it possible. Make either stereotypical "diamond" tears, which are large, round and obvious, or realistic tears, which are thin and streaking.


Step 1

Open the image to which you want to add fake tears. Click "File," and then "Open." Click on the image, then click "OK."

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Step 2

Click the "New Layer" button on the bottom of the "Layers" box.


Step 3

Select the "Paintbrush" tool. Choose a small brush size appropriate for painting tears. Draw one or more tears onto the image using the default "Black" paint.

Step 4

Click the "Layer Mode" drop-down menu on the "Layers" box. Select "Screen." The black tears will seemingly disappear.


Step 5

Click "Layer," then "Layer Styles." Select "Bevel and Emboss." A box appears with settings. Change "Depth" to 1 percent and "Angle" to 90 percent. Click "OK." Choose a larger depth for more obvious, artistic tears. The black marks become clear, rounded tears with a slight shadow on the bottom.



Step 6

Select the "Smudge" tool. Smudge the top portion of the tears up toward the eyes to simulate tear trails.

Step 7

Right-click on the layer with the tears and choose "Merge Down" to flatten the image.

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