How to Create an Email With a Family Name As the Domain

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The process of setting up email accounts for your family has been made quicker and easier in recent years. With the profusion of do-it-yourself domain name sites, you can sign up for a domain and have a website and dedicated email addresses in a matter of minutes. The only trick involved is getting the domain name that you want. Even if it isn't immediately available, you may be able to buy it or back order it. The back order process waits until the name becomes available and then automatically buys it for you.


Step 1

Determine what site you wish to use as a host. The host site is where the domain will be registered. Two sites to consider are and Both of these sites offer from 500 to 10,000 email addresses, depending on the package you purchase.

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Step 2

Request your domain name. Once you have settled on a host, request your family name as your domain name. Most sites, including the ones mentioned, will let you know if your specific domain name requested is available, and will give you alternatives. If the name you want isn't available as a ".com," it might be available as a ".net," for example.


Step 3

Register your domain name. After you have settled on a name and domain, a registration screen will appear. Fill in the information and you will continue to a payment screen. After payment is made, it will usually take between 8 and 24 hours for the registration process to be completed. You will be notified at your existing email address when your new domain is ready for use.



Step 4

Create email accounts. Once the domain is ready, log into your account and look for the email button. This will allow you to create the individual email accounts. Your choices will normally be to be able to access the email from the Internet or through a post office protocol program, or POP program, such as Outlook. When you create the account, the information necessary to set up the POP will be provided. Follow the prompts in the mail reader to set that up. If you are accessing the email online you will need to create a password for each created account.




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