How to Cut Around a Picture of a Face in MS Paint

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Microsoft Paint is a simple graphic editor with some powerful capabilities in experienced hands. Cutting around a picture of a face is a straightforward and simple process in Word. Cutting around the face is done to isolate the face and remove the background. After the background is removed, the new file only shows the face. You can add face as a layer over another existing photo or do basic customization to the face without creating a new layer or file.


Cut Out Face from Picture

An easy method of cutting around the face is through a simple crop in Paint. You will not however make a perfect outline and the face will have some background around the edges. To make a more accurate outline, open the photo in Paint. Click on the "Select" menu button and choose the "Free Form" option. Using rigid shapes will prevent you from adhering to the curves around the face. Trace the face with the free-form select tool. Move your cursor to the shortcut menu and select "Cut." This will cut out the traced area and remove all of the background.

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Saving the Isolated Face

After you have cut around the face and removed the remaining background, click "File" and "Save As" to save a new file. This will leave your original file intact in case you want to use it again to create a different versions. Always keep the original file intact as a backup. After you have saved the new file, it will work as a stand alone file for additional edits or as a layer in a bigger project.


Using the Face Photo

Microsoft Paint makes it possible to draw on the photo or make minor customization to suit your needs. Free form drawing uses the same process as your cut-out with the only difference being tool choice. Choose a pencil or paint brush to draw on the photo in the color of your choice. Use the "Edit" menu and select "Undo" to remove any changes and make a fresh start. Using the face in a different photo is common choice, including the option to put the head on another body. Open the photo that will serve as a the primary photo then open the face as a second layer to move the face onto the primary photo. Position the face until it fits and do a "Save As" to create a new file. You can discard changes from the old file to save the original primary photo.




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