How to Delete a User from My Computer

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When you create a new user account in Windows, a similarly named folder is also created on your local hard drive. Deleting inactive user profiles and their user folders increases hard drive space and improves security, limiting the accessibility to the computer and your stored files.


Deleting a User Login

To delete a user from a local Windows 8 operating system, first remove the account's login capability by navigating to "Control Panel" and then "User Accounts." Click "Manage User Accounts" and remove the username from the list. Once removed, restart the computer to verify the account is no longer active.


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Deleting a User Folder

Now that you have removed the login capability for this user, you can delete the user's locally stored files. To remove these files, delete the user's profile folder located under the "Users" folder on the C drive. The folder name is based on the username that you just removed. Once you have removed this folder, any content that the user has saved is lost.





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