How to Delete Contacts in Skype

By Andrew Tennyson

Learn how to delete Skype contacts on your mobile device and personal computer. Also learn how to block contacts and change Skype's mobile privacy settings.

The way to delete contacts in Skype varies depending on whether you're using a mobile or desktop version of the platform. Changes made to your contacts list on one device are automatically synced to other devices, provided you sign in using the same Skype name or email.

Deleting Contacts in Skype for Android Devices

Step 1

Select People on the menu located along the top of the screen to load your Skype contacts lists.

Step 2

Touch and hold down the name of the contact you want to delete. Skype contacts are listed under the Skype heading.

Skype (Android 5.0)

Step 3

Select Remove Contact.

Skype (Android 5.0)

Step 4

Touch the Yes button to confirm you want to remove the selected person from your Skype contacts list.

Skype (Android 5.0)

Deleting Contacts in Other Mobile Versions of Skype

The process for deleting a contact varies slightly on other mobile versions of Skype.

On the iPhone and iPad version, select the contact you want to delete, touch the More icon at the bottom of the screen and select Profile. Tap the More icon again and select Remove Contact.

On Skype for Windows Phone 8 devices, select the contact on the People list, tap the More icon and select Block Contact. Place a check mark in the Remove Contact check box and tap OK.

Blocking Contacts on Skype for Mobile Devices

The Skype app for mobile devices also enables you to block contacts. This option is helpful if you want to keep a contact on your People list but prevent the person from knowing you're online and from contacting you.

Blocking a contact keeps open the possibility of receiving a communication from him in the future without having to manually send him a Skype friend request again -- which would reveal that he was deleted from your contacts list.

Skype (Android 5.0)

Managing Your Skype Privacy Settings

The Skype mobile app also has a dedicated Privacy section designed to help you control who can add you as a contact and communicate with you.

Skype (Android 5.0)

The Privacy section lets you dictate from whom you accept IMs. You can also specify which contact details to make public in order to help people find and contact you on Skype.

Skype (Android 5.0)

Deleting Contacts on Skype for Windows and Mac Computers

Although the process varies somewhat depending on which version of Skype you're using, deleting contacts using Skype on a personal computer is similarly straightforward to the mobile app.

On Windows computers, right-click the contact to delete, select Remove From Contacts and then click Remove to confirm you want to delete the person.

On Macs, hold down the Control button and click the contact to remove. Select Delete Contact on the pop-up menu and click Remove to confirm you want to delete the person.