How to Forward a Text Message on an iPhone

By Adrian Grahams

The text message forwarding feature on the Apple iPhone isn't immediately obvious when you first launch the Messages app, because the app groups all received and sent text messages into threaded conversations. To forward a text message on an iPhone running the iOS 8 operating system, open the conversation thread, select an individual message and then use the Share feature to send the message to one or more of your contacts. The iPhone forwards the message as either a standard SMS text message, MMS multimedia text message or as a free Apple iMessage to other Apple mobile devices.

Step 1

Launch the **Messages** app from the iPhone's home screen. **Tap to select and open the conversation thread** that contains the individual text message you want to forward. If you can't find the relevant conversation thread in the messages list, tap the top of the screen to launch the Search pane and then enter key words to filter the messages displayed in the list.

Step 2

Scroll through the conversation. **Touch and hold the specific text message** and then tap the **More** button that appears above the message bubble.

Step 3

Tap the **Share** button with the curved arrow icon below the message pane; the iPhone displays a blue check mark beside the selected text message.

Step 4

Touch the **+** button in the **To:** field to open your Contacts address book. Alternatively, tap the **To:** field and type the name or enter the phone number of the contact.

Step 5

**Tap a name** to select a contact from your address book list.

Step 6

Inspect the To: field to make sure you've added the correct person. If you didn't, tap the **Delete** key on the keyboard pane to remove the contact. To add more people to the distribution list, tap the **+** button again and select each contact from your Contacts address book. When you've completed the distribution list, touch the **Send** button to forward the text message to your contacts.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you can't see your contact in the address book when you tap the plus button, check that All Contacts is selected in the Groups screen. Touch the Groups button above the address book, tap to select the All Contacts tab and then tap Done.
  • To send and receive free iMessages, you must first enable the iMessages feature. Tap Settings on the home screen, touch Messages and then toggle the iMessage tab to the On position with the green button.
  • Tap the camera icon in the New Message or New iMessage screen to attach an image or video clip to the forwarded message. Touch the microphone icon to record and add a voice message to the text.
  • The free Apple iMessages work only on Apple mobile devices installed with iOS 5 or a later operating system.