How to Determine Link Speed of a Network Interface Card

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Determining the speed of your network card helps you configure the network. When running a home or business network, the network card speed determines how fast the communication will travel between computers. Networks that need to transfer large data require faster speeds than a small, home network. Determining the speed of a network card is accomplished in the Windows system information screen.


Step 1

Click the Windows "Start" button and select "Programs." Choose "Accessories" from this menu and then select "System Information." This opens a new window with a list of devices and configurations on the machine.

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Step 2

Expand the "Components" section by clicking the "+" symbol. This shows a list of devices installed on the computer.


Step 3

Click the "+" symbol next to the "Network" section. This lists the network adapters installed on the computer.


Step 4

Highlight the network card in the list. When highlighting the device, details are shown about the network card. It displays the speed of the card. For example, the following indicates a 100Mb Ethernet network card: PCI 3COM 2B567C 10/100 Ethernet



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