How to Determine the Length of the Dictionary in Python

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In the Python programming language, the dictionary stores sets of data and is similar to arrays used in other languages, like C. For example, a dictionary in Python could contain the name, age and grade level of all students in a school. When programming in Python, you may need to calculate the number of items in the dictionary. Use the "Len" function to calculate the dictionary length.

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Step 1

Open your Python editor.

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Step 2

Create a dictionary. For example, type:

dictStudent = {'Name': 'Justin', 'Age': 7, 'Grade': 1};

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In this example, you are creating a dictionary with a student's name, age, and grade level.

Step 3

Determine the length of the dictionary by typing:

len (dictStudent)

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Step 4

Press "Enter." Python returns:


Continuing the example, Python returns three, because the dictionary contains three items; the name, age and grade for a student.