How to Disable a Touchpad in an HP Laptop

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Disable the touchpad on your HP laptop.

HP laptops include a mouse touchpad. The touchpad can be very sensitive, and if you prefer to use a regular mouse, you may prefer to turn the touchpad off. You can always enable the touchpad if you need to use it.


Step 1

Press the "Disable" button above the touchpad. Many HP laptop models include a Disable button located directly above the touchpad. This small button allows you to quickly enable and disable the touchpad as often as you need. Press the button and the white light next to it changes to red, indicating the touchpad is disabled.


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Step 2

Disable the touchpad in your Control Panel. If your computer does not have a touchpad Disable button, you can still disable the touchpad in your Control Panel. Also use this option if you want to prevent accidentally enabling the touchpad by hitting the button when typing. Open your Control Panel from the Start menu.


Step 3

Click "Mouse" under "Hardware and Sound." Your mouse properties box pops up. Click the "Device Settings" tab. Under "Devices" locate the touchpad, click on the name to highlight and click "Disable." If you need to, in the future, you can enable the touchpad from this screen.





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