How to Disable the Intel Power Management Driver

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The Intel Power Management Driver is a Windows operating system control program that manages your Intel processor-based computer's power consumption. When your computer is in an "idle" state, the driver can be set to shut off your computer's Intel processor, the hard drive and other attached hardware. The Intel Power Management Driver was automatically installed on your computer, regardless of what type of processor is in your computer, when Windows updated to Service Pack 3. This driver conflicts with AMD and other processor brands. To solve the hardware/software conflict, you have to disable the Intel Power Management Driver.


Step 1

Click "Start," "Turn Off Computer" and "Turn Off" to turn off your computer, if it is running. If your computer is powered on and sitting in a frozen state, press and hold the computer's power button until the system turns off.

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Step 2

Wait 5 seconds. Press the power button to turn your computer on.


Step 3

Press the "F8" key repeatedly until the "Advanced Options Menu" appears.

Step 4

Scroll down the menu with your computer's arrow key to the "Safe Mode" option.


Step 5

Press the "Enter" or "Return" key. If an "OS Selection" screen displays, press the "Enter" or "Return" key again. Your computer will now restart and enter "Safe Mode."

Step 6

Click "Yes" to the "Windows is running in Safe Mode" window.


Step 7

Right-click on "Start." A sub-menu will appear—click on "Explore."

Step 8

Double-click on the "C:," drive icon, the "Windows" folder, the "System32" folder and the "Drivers" folder.


Step 9

Scroll down. Right-click on the file "intelppm.sys." A sub-menu will appear.


Step 10

Click "Rename." The file's name box will turn blue.

Step 11

Rename the file to "XXXintelppm.syx."


Step 12

Press "Enter" or "Return."

Step 13

Click on the "X" on the upper right-hand corner of the screen to close the "Explorer" dialog box.

Step 14

Click "Start," "Turn Off Computer" and "Restart" to restart your computer. The Intel Power Management Driver is now disabled on your computer.

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