How to Disable the Mouse Right Click

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There are times that being able to right click is not helpful. If you don't know how to use this option properly you can damage your system and make serious system changes. For the average user or for a kid friendly application these options can be taken away. There are also some work places that have started to narrow who has the rights to perform certain actions including right clicking the mouse.


Step 1

If you are using XP or Vista this option is easy to set up. The key is to login to the system first as the user that you want to disable these actions for. This way you can leave the more advanced options for the users who need them if the computer is used by more then once person.

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Step 2

Click the start button and choose the option "run". A new window will open up and you need to type gpedit.msc in the box and click ok. From the window pane on the left choose "administrative templates" under the "user configuration" folder.


Step 3

Next choose "windows components" and there will be a "windows explorer option". In the right window pane you will see listings. Scan down until you see the "remove windows explorer's default context menu". Double click the line with that name. This will open up a new box with the options to enable or disable. Check the disable box to stop the menu from popping up when you right click. Then click apply and ok to save your changes. You can come back to this same location to turn the menus back on just check the enable box.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer running windows

  • login of user