How to Remove a White Background Using the Paint.NET Magic Wand

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Software such as Paint.NET allows you to digitally manipulate images.

Removing the white background from a photograph or a logo design using the Magic Wand tool that is available with Paint.NET software is a straightforward task. Paint.NET is a free alternative to expensive digital-imaging software. The Magic Wand tool allows you to select pixel of similar hues that are adjacent. After a selection is made, the grouped pixels can all be manipulated at once without affecting uncollected areas of the image.


Step 1

Open Paint.NET. Select "File" and then "Open." Choose the file from which you would like to remove the white background using the Open File window.

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Step 2

Click the Magic Wand tool in the Tool Menu. The default location of the Tool Menu is in the upper left corner of the Paint.NET window.


Step 3

Click on any area of white that you want removed in the image. The selected pixels will have a light blue tint.

Step 4

Press the "Delete" key; alternately, choose "Edit" and then "Cut" from the Menu Bar. The selected pixels will be removed. A checkerboard background will be visible in the empty areas of your image. If an additional layer is beneath your image, the contents of the layer will show through the empty area.


Step 5

Repeat the selection and deletion process with any leftover portions of the white background in your image.




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