How to Disguise Your Voice on the Telephone

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There are a number of reasons why you might want to disguise your voice on a phone call. You might want to hide your identity, but still hear what a caller has to say. You might want to buy a little more time on an overdue bill, or you might want to play a prank on an unsuspecting friend. Whatever the reason, there are a few ways to go about altering your voice on a phone call.


Disguising Your Voice

Step 1

Altering or modulating your accent is the easiest way to disguise your voice. Choose an accent that you can master quickly. You may find that an accent from the southern part of the United States is easiest, or you can go with a harder-edged New York accent. You can also use a British or Australian accent, since those are popular and well-known accents that can be easily researched. It's important that you practice the accent you will be using to gain confidence. Use familiar terms to make the words roll of your tongue smoothly.


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Step 2

Change the pitch and tone of your voice depending on how you normally speak. You can alter your voice to a higher pitch if you have a deep, bass voice, or deepen your voice if you normally speak with a high pitch. Again, practice is required to make the change in pitch and tone effective when on a real phone call.


Step 3

Fake that you are ill. Most people sound different when they're suffering from the cold or the flu, so pretending that you're sick will definitely change the way you sound. If you use the common cold as your illness, you can talk through your nose and sniffle a lot to disguise your voice. If you use the flu, you can add coughing and make your voice scratchy and raw. It's important to practice the illness you're faking in order to master the elements you will use on the phone call.



Step 4

Buy a phone voice modifier or voice changer. If you find that you don't have the time or inclination to disguise your own voice, you can buy a voice change device that will do the job for you. These devices offer various settings where a man can sound like a woman, a woman can sound like a man, and both men and women can sound like a child. Several companies offer these devices including Bolide Technology Group, which sells a BT-8083ADV telephone voice changer that attaches directly to the handset of your home phone, but can also be used on cell phones. Prices for this device vary, so the best thing to do is check online for the best deal.



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