How to Download a Bible Into ProPresenter

To add bibles to Renewed Vision ProPresenter 5, you must download them from the Renewed Vision website and then install them on your computer. You must purchase bibles that are not in the public domain -- such as the New International Version bible. Other bibles are free to download and use.


All premium bibles, in all available languages, are priced at $15 at the time of writing.

You can download and use a fully functional trial version -- only a watermark is displayed on the output -- of ProPresenter 5 on your PC or Mac. A single user license of ProPresenter 5 for Mac or Windows is priced at $399 as of publication.

You can switch between bibles in ProPresenter.
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Purchasing Licensed Bibles

Open the Renewed Vision Bibles page in your browser and locate the bible you want to download. If the bible is in the Licensed Bibles section, you must purchase it. Click the Purchase button next to the bible and follow the instructions to complete the checkout process.


You are required to enter your ProPresenter registration name and unlock code to purchase the bible.

If you don't know the registration name and unlock code, open the Support Web page, type the email address you used when you purchased the software and click Retrieve to get the information via email.

Copy the unlock code from the email you receive from Renewed Vision after completing the purchase and then paste or type the code into the Enter Bible Unlock Code field on the Bibles page and click Enable to change the Purchased button to a download button.

Free bibles can be found in the Public Domain Bibles section.
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Downloading and Installing Bibles

Step 1

Click the PC button next to the bible you want to download and then save the installer on your computer.


If you purchased the bible and entered the unlock code, click the download button next to the item in the Licensed Bibles list.

Click the Mac button to download the Mac version.
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Step 2

Open the folder where you downloaded the bible in File Explorer and then double-click the executable file.


The bible installer has an EXE extension and its icon looks like a bible.

Click Run if Windows warns you that files downloaded from the Internet are not safe.

Click Cancel to abort the process.
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Step 3

Click the Install button to install the bible in ProPresenter. The process takes just a few seconds, but you must restart the program to see the new bible. Click Close after the bible is installed to close the dialog box.

To cancel the process, click the X icon.
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Step 4

Launch ProPresenter, click the Bibles button and then expand the Select a Translation drop-down menu to see all available bibles. The bible you just installed is displayed in the list.

Click the blue i icon to view more information about the bible.
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